1. Do no harm, but take no shit.
2. 科學研究數據扭曲得比想像中還嚴重。眾多證據已被證實為虛構、造假、扭曲、掩蓋,完全不值得信賴。
3. 學習分辨並獲得可信賴的醫藥資訊非常重要。
4. 良好生活、飲食、運動才是健康該優先關注的重點。藥物只是次要,且往往弊大於利。
5. 可惜,在商業運作下,許多人繼續選擇暴飲暴食及不良生活作息,也相信夢幻產品存在。

2017年5月31日 星期三

藥廠行銷的 6 個技巧

6 tricks that pharmaceutical marketers use


這種恐懼,也廣泛用於政治(恐怖攻擊),所謂的「false flag events」。

2017年5月27日 星期六


Alcohol and Cigarette Use From Ages 23 to 55: Links With Health and Well-Being in the Long-Term National Child Development Study: Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs: Vol 78, No 3


British adults who consistently drank within new lower risk guidelines and abstained from smoking from young adulthood to midlife reported the best overall health and well-being across numerous indicators. However, apparent observed health benefits of stable low-dose alcohol use (vs. abstention) are weakened by the fact that by age 55 almost all alcohol “abstainers” in the National Child Development Study sample were former drinkers, and that respondents who followed infrequent drinking/abstention paths were the mostly likely to report poor health, psychological distress, and low educational qualifications in early adulthood.

Alcohol Consumption and Mortality From Coronary Heart Disease: An Updated Meta-Analysis of Cohort Studies: Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs: Vol 78, No 3


Pooled analysis of all identified studies suggested an association between alcohol use and reduced CHD risk. However, this association was not observed in studies of those age 55 years or younger at baseline, in higher quality studies, or in studies that controlled for heart health. The appearance of cardio-protection among older people may reflect systematic selection biases that accumulate over the life course.

Diet, nutrition, physical activity and breast cancer





2017年5月25日 星期四


5 根浮標都測過浮力,適用 1/16-1/8oz 的 jighead。

2017年5月18日 星期四

自製花花餌(Crappie jig)

最近迷上 DIY,這是第一個比較滿意的「作品」。


此餌可用來釣crappie,也可以釣walleye及其他魚。本週二首次測試,一共上了 5 種魚(peche, sunfish, bass, pike, crappie)。信心大增!

2017年5月8日 星期一


Cries the acupuncturist, “Medicine is biased against us, and there’s a double standard!” – Science-Based Medicine



2017年5月4日 星期四

Dr Hayman 認為可增加或減少活力的生活習慣

Six Ways I Changed My Life and How You Can Change Yours - Dr. Mark Hyman

好文分享。以下簡單列出Dr Hyman他自己認為可增加或減少活力的事項:

  1. Not getting enough sleep (less than 8 hours)
  2. Eating too much sugar
  3. Drinking too much coffee (more than 1 cup)
  4. Skipping meals
  5. Eating anything made in a factory (junk and processed food)
  6. Eating bread
  7. Eating dairy
  8. Drinking more than 3 glasses of wine or alcohol a week
  9. Working too much
  10. Not exercising at least 4 times a week
  11. Not doing yoga
  12. Spending too much time on the computer
  13. Watching TV
  14. Not being outside in nature
  15. Not spending time with friends
  16. Getting dehydrated

  1. Eating a high-protein breakfast (shake or eggs)
  2. Eating fresh, whole real food
  3. Having a protein snack in the mid-morning and afternoon
  4. Eating 10 servings of vegetables a day
  5. Not eating 3 hours before I go to sleep
  6. Doing yoga
  7. Playing tennis
  8. Running in the woods
  9. Swimming in lakes or rivers
  10. Hugging my kids and wife
  11. Talking to friends
  12. Dinner parties with friends
  13. Helping others and volunteering
  14. Taking my vitamins (multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin D and a few others)
  15. Drinking 6-8 cups of filtered water a day
  16. Being creative in the kitchen and cooking for family and friends
  17. Thinking of my day as a sacred thing—a canvas for living an artful life—and shaping it to have good memories, good blessings, and good feelings
  18. Learning new things about our extraordinary world and the people in it